Production of Timber Frame Houses




Woodenhouse – production of timber frame and modular panel houses. Years of experience in the production of frame houses. Export of timber frame houses to the countries of Western and Northern Europe. An energy efficient home at an affordable price and decent quality. Production of Certified Eco Tiny-Houses.


Our factory for the production of timber frame and modular houses is located in Riga. We have delivered homes all over Latvia and to European countries, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, France, etc. Over the years we have gained experience and throughout the time, quality has been paramount. This knowledge currently allows us to work and offer a product that we are confident in and of which we are proud. For us, quality always comes first, and the most important thing is that you, as a customer, are satisfied with the organization of construction work, project management and the quality of the house.


Construction speed
Construction speed – a frame house is a constructor that our specialists will assemble as soon as possible where it is needed;

Ease of assembly
Ease of assembly will allow you to take advantage of this and find a home on your site in “the blink of an eye”;

Erection on any soil
Erection on any soil – regardless of what type of soil you have, a frame house can be erected anywhere with a guarantee of safety;

Low cost
Low cost – the cost of our projects is affordable for everyone. Over the years of our work, we have reduced construction costs to a minimum, this allowed us to provide our customers with the best prices;

Just order
Just order – all you need is just to place an order, and then we will do everything ourselves;

Accuracy – the construction of a frame house provides that all the necessary materials have already been prepared and assembled into blocks. Therefore, there will be no construction debris and dirt, everything is as neat as possible.


Mission of our company is to make building a house accessible to everyone! Transparent and understandable construction stages!

Frame house production process

WOODENHOUSE designs and manufactures individual houses according to the customer's wishes. The projects presented on our website are projects developed for each client, taking into account his wishes. Our production facilities are located on 3000 m2 allow us to produce frame and modular houses of any size and complexity.
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